Monday, February 04, 2008

Triumvir Spring '08 Collection Preview

Here is a look at two key pieces of the upcoming Triumvir Spring 2008 collection, which will be released in March - the Clansman Parka and "Used and Abused" t-shirts.
The Clansman Parka is a lightweight cotton twill hooded jacket that features a similar construction to that of a snowboarding jacket, intended for daily wear in spring.
The message behind the "Used and Abused" t-shirt is that, concepts and images have been flipped and re-appropriated over and over again to a point where creativity has been lost until it just becomes Used and Abused.
The inspiration behind this piece was taken from the artwork of Barbara Kruger, who is known for “her trademark black letters against a slash of red background…much of her text questions the viewer about feminism, classics, consumerism, and individual autonomy and desire.”


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