Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nike Air Max Fusions - Air Max 90 x Air Mowabb & Air Max 1 x Air Safari

Here we have a preview of some very interesting new Nike Quickstrike releases, due to come out this summer. After Nike fused the Air Force 1 in the past couple of months with some of their most popular sneakers of all time, it seems like the Air Max range is the next one to repeat the process.
Here we present you the fusion models of the Air Max 1 and the Air Safari. The Air Max 1 adopts the colors as well as materials of the Air Safari.
Furthermore we show you the Air Max 90 which gets the looks of the Air Mowabb. Again not only the colors, but also the materials and trademark logos were adopted.
Both sneakers will be released at Ryouki on June 27th and they will be available for pre-order as of June 13th.


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