Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank You Berlin...

I 'd like to say thank you to all the wonderful people that I've met during these 5 was reallycool to meet you guys :
-Lyna, merci pour tout et tiens moi au courant pour ton projet...
-Chris, thanks for trying to to get the US 7 ;)
-Elisa, don't use too much the magic stick
-Inga, Paris is waiting for you
-Lynsey, ok for the next photo shooting...I will give you my best profile
-Nikeata, show me your skills in Paris
-Sebrina, how was Bar 25?
-Gloria, thanks for this chilling afternoon with all your crew and good luck for your carrier
-Guillaume, Hi...Hello, it's Guiom....The french guy!
-Jim, gros pd

Sorry for the others...but I can't remember all the names...Take care and hope to see you guys soon...


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