Saturday, October 17, 2009

Triumvir - Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Lookbook - Blind Faith & Hell Is For Heroes

Entrenched in the history of Roman Empire, California-base label Triumvir highlights the time of warrior-emperor, Constantine the Great, who helped propagate Christianity and quelled dissidence with force during the Roman Civil War. Adding hints of modern references and popular culture, from Mad Max to Fist of The North Star, Triumvir arrived at the first theme for Fall 2009 - Blind Faith and an imaginary war with 2 rivals. This fictional battlefield sets perfect stage for collection’s follow-up theme, Hell Is For Heroes, for Winter 2009, of which Triumvir designers took symbolism and design cues from Knights Hospitallers, a millennium after Constantine’s time.
The products from the 2 seasons will drop a month apart, with the Fall 2009 collection, Blind Faith, set to release tomorrow, October 16th and the Winter 2009 Collection, Hell Is For Heroes launches next month on Friday, November 13th.


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