Monday, July 31, 2006

Vans x Lucien Pellat Finet

New collaboration between Vans and Lucien Pellat-Finet, the finest, most luxurious and unique cashmere and apparel in the world. Cashmere sweaters and accessories for women, men and children.

Available now @ Sold Out

New releases @ Kicks Hawaii

The AM1 may not get the same shine as other Air Maxes, but don't count out this classic style, especially with these two sick AM1 Premiums. Both feature a black, speckled midsole, which already solidifies their status. Then you factor in the colorways and contrasting materials and it's a wrap!

They've got these newest Air Stab too.

Kicks Hawaii

P.diddy - Diet Pepsi Truck

Hey I want a truck like the last one of this commercial too...

Pimp my diet Pepsi...Peace

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pharrell CAN skate

Well with your help he can…..checkout this game,
Teach skateboard P few tricks...

Sneaker "Delehhhhhhhhhh" pictures by

Hey, here are some pics made by my man Yannick, Benoît and Jéroim from MAP (Movement Action Play) which is a freeride, rollerskating website.
Check the website and the pictures...for the
sneakers pics and also for an Dalton$ Posse interview : my breakdance crew!!! hehe

More more more...Ed Banger Pirate Night Pics

Pics by Benoît aka Pho Dac Biet gobber

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bape ????

Well now I've seen it all..First it was Bape Condoms..And now Nigo has some Bape Cigarettes..What's next? Bape Tampons? Bape arse tissue?..I wonder if you smoke enough of these..If you'll start to develop black Bape camo in your lungs? Anyways..Talk about it here...
Info from C to the JL

More Ed Banger Pirates pictures

Pics by Gauthier aka Pinky Pimpy (through Respect is burning / Myspace)

Last Night @ Ed Banger Pirate Night Party

Last night party @ Concorde Atlantique was good! Arrived at 9pm, it was already crowded as fuck...shit! have to queue 45 minutes before to get in and just before the big rain as well! The line up was mad : Vicarious Bliss / Mr Flash / Krazy Baldhead / Feadz feat Uffie vs Mr Oizo / Dj Mehdi vs Busy P / Justice / 2Many DJs / Sebastian vs Kavinsky

They played some really good tunes, very busy, very hot inside and free drinks for us...hehe! Brice found some vounchers!!! Enjoy the pics...More are coming soon!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pharrell x HP

Super producer Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes has become the latest hip hop cultural icon to take part in HP’s Computer is Personal Again ad campaign.
After receiving an incredible audience reaction from its up-close, unique commercial with Jay-Z, HP decided to call on Williams to continue its Computer is Personal Again ad campaign for the HP Pavilion line of entertainment notebooks.

here is the HP commercial and it's damn good!

Last Night @ Art Maniak Association Bar

Here are some pics of Melanie, JP and Fred bar situated between Place de Clichy and La Fourche. A very cute Parisian local bar. They just bought it and last night, they had the key...Couple of close friends came down for couple of drinks before the construction this summer. Good luck for their business named...euhhhhhhh....the bar haven't got a name yet!