Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Last Night @ Naive New Beaters concert - Le Baron

Last night @ Naive New Beaters concert @ LeBaron. French electro rock band from L.A as they say with their french american accent from California...It's a real show with nice retro outfit and real choregraphy...Ahahahaha...I think they are really good on stage with their bouncy tunes and very funny between their tracks. Keep the good work guys and good luck. You can buy their new album on their website or listening to some tracks on myspace.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pegleg Tee

The new Pegleg Collection has landed at the ReedSpace. Pegleg is one of those companies that always stays around, it never becomes too loud around them, but you always hear again about them! This original and nice tee is now available on their website for $52.

Last Night @ I Love Calvi - Showcase

Last night party @ showcase...a new venue in Paris, really nice place, under Alexander III bridge near the Champs Elysées. It was the party for "I Love Calvi" which is a rock & electronic festival in july taking place each year at Calvi in Corsica. Last night was the party of "remember the good souvenir...". I was a bit disapointed about the music...especially about James Murphy (LCD Sound System)...I thought that it will be more "pushy". But I had fun...my team was drunk and we were "in the déliiiiiiiiiiire". Anyway, as usual, it was crowded and hype...Check the nice venue in 3D by clicking here .

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Polka dots by Wrongwroks

Polka dots is in the air at the end of this year. I have already show some polka dots gear by nike few days ago. Here is the limited polka dots Kate Moss silkscreen and the biggest limited edition, Polka dots toilet paper….all signed and edition all at WRONGWROKS.
Info via SlamXhype.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Vans Era from Japan

I don't have any info about these new Vans Era from Japan. I just think they are great...really nice with the snakeskin print...Someone has any?

Next saturday - Big party @ Showcase

Big party @ Showcase (Paris) Saturday, November 25th with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) organised by Calvi On The Rocks crew.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends

Justice, french electro band produced by Edbanger has just won the best MTV awards video...enjoy!

Last Night @ We Love Trax

Last night party started first @ "Le n'importe quoi" bar...a small pub in Chatelet les Halles for my friend Salima birthday. It was good to see her again after 2 years.
Then we moved to Melanie's new bar called.......La Karambole! They did such a great job because after 4 month of construction, the bar looks completely different! It's like a totally new place. Well done guys and good luck! It was the party for close friend before the official opening.
And finally we head up to We Love Trax party @ La Cité des Sciences which is a kind of huge museum and library about sciences technology. The line up was massive : Justice, TTC, Para One, Agoria, Superdiscount, Mode Selektor...
Check my crap pictures for this party...Ahahhahahahah...yeah I wasn't in the mood of taking pictures!

Freshjive holiday

Freshjive Holiday is in stores now. Women’s pieces this season include tees, hoodies, cotton jackets and flannel in subtle grays, blacks and purples. Many of the best men’s tee graphics carry over for women and some unisex pieces include scarves and beanies. For a list of retailers, hit up www.freshjive.com/stores.php.
Info via Nitrolicious

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Moofia - Tokidori

First shots of The Moofia! The new mini figure series from STRANGE&co and tokidoki.
Take a look at STRANGE&co’s new mini figure series - The Moofia, designed by fashion wonderbrand tokidoki! The Moofia features 8 original dairy-themed characters, each figure is appx. 3 inches tall and will retail for $6.99 each. Coming in early December 2006!
Info via Freshnessmag

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nike Cosplay

If you haven’t seen the Nike iD commercial featuring the cosplays, do yourself a favor and watch it now. Then after you’ve finished laughing, head on over to this fake Nike iD Japan site to customize your very own cosplay. Customize them in any color combination you want. You can even use camo print on them. Not available anywhere. The site is for design only.
Nike iD
And here is my design...super hero in green spark with camo Air Zoom Moire. Do your own and show me!!!


We have already seen many homemade attempts to create furniture out of Skateboards and now finally there is Skurniture, a company dedicated to do exactly that. In there first series of products they now came out with these chairs and you can choose between several woods and also different colors of the legs.
So, if you still need some seating options, here you have something to look into!
Info from Highsnobiety

Friday, November 10, 2006

Last Night @ Clark Magazine Party