Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nike "It's Just A T-Shirt" Campaign by Terry Richardson

Here some pictures of one of the latest Nike ad campaigns, created by W+K and photos made by none other but Terry Richardson. The campaign runs with the slogan "It's Just A T-Shirt". The pictures show athletes that are sponsored by Nike.
Actually it's a nice slogan, that should be taken into consideration by some people out there. Sometimes there is a lot of hype about "just a t-shirt". But we do not want to project more into something where there is nothing - it's a nice and very clean campaign. Pictures via Random Ramblings.

Nike Air Max Lite is back

Lady and gentleman, the new Nike Air Max Lite is back in black and red...God damit...That means that my wallet is gonna be upset again next month. But who cares???? Only my banker!!! So I defitnetly go for it without any hesitation! Not for this one! hehe

Hellz Bellz Summer 07 Preview

The new Hellz Bellz Summer 2007 collection is right now getting into stores around the globe, so here we give you a little preview of what to expect.
The new collection stays true to the Hellz Bellz style we have started to like so much over the past couple of years. The brand has quickly managed to establish itself and in a market for women that is only starting to get exploited has made a strong name for itself for a good reason - consistent and strong design. We are already looking forward to the big steps the brand will take with their Fall/Winter 2007 collections in terms of enlarging the collection and all the cut & sew they will offer. But for that you still have to wait a bit.
Now concentrate on their new Summer 2007 collection offering a nice range of t-shirts and tops for a hot summer to come.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Atmos NYC x Nike Dunk

Atmos and Nike are teaming up once again, this time on one of the wildest looking Dunks we’ve seen in quite some time. The colorway is made up of two shades of purple, aqua, speckled green, and sangria laces with a number 2 printed on the toebox. Something to look forward to in June.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

31 Ways To Lace Shoes

People over at MADFOOT!’s MADLOG has posted an interesting blog article introducing a website that will sure to make your sneakers happy. A great site that provides us with an interesting 31 ways of lacing, 17 ways oF knotting and tons of shoe related information. Check it out.

Pharell - That Girl

Carhartt Japan in Paris

Carhartt recently opened a new flagship store in Paris, their second one and actually third one if you also count their corner in the new Citadium department store. The new flagship store is located right next door to Starcow and finds itself just in the right spot among Starcow, Vans, Artoyz and Surface 2 Air. The exciting part is, that this is the only Carhartt store in Europe to also carry the Carhartt Japan line, which offers many exclusive products, high quality accessories and more.
The first series of products that landed in the store have three themes: canvas, camouflage and neon. You can find a wide range of clothing, caps and accessories under these themes.
Boutique at 66, Rue St. Honoré, Paris.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

La Marque Noire @ Palais Tokyo

Last thursday was La Marque Noire, a new exhibition by Steven Parrino @ Palais de Tokyo. Here are some pics of the event...

QB Unit Vernissage

Last thursday was QB Unit shop vernissage organised with Sneakers Marmalade Magazine. Opened less than a month, we hope that this gonna be a nice sneakers spot in the future. Here are some pics of the event...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Starcow Website Launched

Starcow, one of the top European stores has now finally also launched a website. Not only does it have an online store, but also a blog to keep you guys posted and all information needed about the store to not miss anything. Now check out there website here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Au Revoir Simone @ Fondation Cartier this evening

This evening was the concert of Au Revoir Simone @ Fondation Cartier, a band of 3 girls from NYC...Really chill out music and I listen to their tunes non-stop these days. Check their Myspace page if you never heard of them...or check an extract of the concert...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last Night Party @ Bus Palladium

Last night was "Why Not" Party @ Bus Palladium with Dj Cam, Beat Assaillant & Dj Sly...

Emilie's wedding on friday

I wish you guys (Emilie & Stephane) the best for the future...