Thursday, August 28, 2008

Common Ft. Pharrell - Announcement Video

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Look: The All New Colette Store Paris

Over the last couple of months we have kept you posted on the renovations at famous Parisian concept store Colette. The store worked together with Wonderwall on the redesign, the same architects that are also responsible for all Bape stores worldwide, some Uniqlo stores, the Original Fake store in Tokyo and many other incredible retail outlets around the globe. In the matter of less than two months they changed the entire store and created something amazing. The sneaker section moved to the ground floor and has become a massive glass sneaker wall. Also they introduce the Tee Box, a large box made out of glass and metal, housing all t-shirts of the store. The Tee Box is also located at the ground floor. Furthermore Colette introduces shop in shops of Original Fake, Bape, Alife as well as BBC/Ice Cream.
Overall the store has been cleaned up and appears much more structured than before. The water bar also got renovated and now has more of a restaurant feel to it than before. Accessories are being presented in free hanging boxes, that are also equipped with light. The magazine section grew in size and is also more organized, just like the Beauty section of the store. On the first floor you still find the gallery, as well as the haute couture brands.
More images of the newly renovated Colette Paris store here.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld for Steiff Plush Toys

Famous German plush toy company Steiff got together with fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld to produce a couture teddy bear resembling Karl down to his trademark black and white suit, belt buckle and glasses. Always full of surprises, Lagerfeld continues his trend of obscure yet interesting projects. Although there is no concrete information regarding release, stay tuned for further developments.

Greenhouse Trashcan Prototype

Swedish designer Jantze Brogård Asshoff (also behind the new Ikea chintz) has dreamt up Greenhouse, a trash bin the shape of a house crafted as an attractive solution to storing household waste. With the porch functioning as the pedal opening the roof lid, it's a clever marriage of forms that lends a touch of unfussy whimsy to the kitchen.
Still in the protoype phase, we hope that the buzz that it's already attracted here and elsewhere will allow these Stockholm-based creators to get this accessory into production.

La Nuit, On Roule...On Road...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hypebeast x 8FIVE2 “Hong Mutha Fuck’n Kong” Tee

Here is another collaboration between Hypebeast link up with Hong Kong’s premier skate store 8FIVE2. A re-appropriation of their trademark “Hong Mutha Fuck’n Kong” print. Inspired by the abundance of bamboo scaffolding seen around the city of Hong Kong, pieces of bamboo are placed and tied together to create the design. The back of the shirt also includes both Hypebeast and 8FIVE2 branding. Available in either black or white, each shirt also comes packaged with a custom slide-bag printed with a Hypebeast 3 Year Anniversary logo. The t-shirt will be available for sale through their online store - thursday August 21st at 11:00 am EST / 2:00 pm PST with a price of $40 USD.

Nike 1924 @ Paris

Pop up Nike shop on a boat for 1924 event during 6 weeks in Paris...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Air Jordan Countdown Pack V / XVIII

Next week...

Married To The MOB Fall 2008 Collection

Married To The MOB’s Fall 2008 collection has just unveiled and it’s looking pretty dope. Besides the usual tees and hoodies, there’s jackets, crewneck tops, leggings and a cap. The leggings and denim are looking extra saucy, as mentioned before the denim is available in various colorways as well as the leggings. The collection is currently available on More pictures of the collection here

Last Night Party @ Favela Chic

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank You Berlin...

I 'd like to say thank you to all the wonderful people that I've met during these 5 was reallycool to meet you guys :
-Lyna, merci pour tout et tiens moi au courant pour ton projet...
-Chris, thanks for trying to to get the US 7 ;)
-Elisa, don't use too much the magic stick
-Inga, Paris is waiting for you
-Lynsey, ok for the next photo shooting...I will give you my best profile
-Nikeata, show me your skills in Paris
-Sebrina, how was Bar 25?
-Gloria, thanks for this chilling afternoon with all your crew and good luck for your carrier
-Guillaume, Hi...Hello, it's Guiom....The french guy!
-Jim, gros pd

Sorry for the others...but I can't remember all the names...Take care and hope to see you guys soon...

Sunday Chilling @ Gloria's place - Berlin

Soul Explosion Party @ Berlin

Our last night party in Berlin with Inga and Elisa...

0808 - Nike Party @ Berlin

Here are some pictures of the Nike party for the new opening of the 0808 Berlin shop. Nice event for a great collection...

New Era Opening Party In Berlin