Thursday, September 28, 2006

Special chinese dishes...Bon appetit!

I'm quite proud of what I've done few days ago...I was in Beijing in Wangfujin dajie (Wangfujin street), very close to the Forbidden city. We decided to move to a very special night food market...I think you know what I'm talking about...Yessssss insects dishes!!! I'm in China and I think that it's ridiculious to pass away this cultural specialities. One night before this one, I was in a restaurant and in the menu, I could read a dish with dog meat but I didn't try because I love dogs Ahahahaha no only playing. Anyway, here are the pictures of my first two and probably my last two scorpions...The people that I've met were sharing a really nice and tasty cricket on the pics...Scorpions taste very salted and crispy...It was like a very crispy french fries! Ahahahaha Enjoy the pics and "Bon Appetit"...
Here, you can see beef stomach, scorpions, sea horse, star fish, little sharks, beef testicule, cricket and many others weird stuff...

Fake kick!!!

Here are a pair of fake nike-Converse that I bought in Beijing for 7 US dollars. I bought them because I like the shape... a kind of Dunk mixed with Air Force One. Take a close look at the sole man...Yesssssss man, you can read "Converse" but written "Cnovesre" Ahahahahahahah Counterfeit are fucking crazy sometime and the girl of the shop wanted to sell them at 38 US dollars first Ahahahahahaha...

Sneakers in Hong Kong

Hello peeps,
I'm still in China, back to Hong Kong for 4 days. Hong Kong is wicked when it comes to sneakers. Last night, I went to Fa Yuen street in Mongkok (North of Kowloon) which is a street with about 30 or 40 sneakers shops at least...Most of them sells the same shit but few are really worth to have a close look. As my budget is not unlimited, it gets difficult to choose and get the right kicks. Here are some pics of kicks available here...Granville road in Kowloon is also a good spot for kicks. EXIT is one of the most beautiful sneakers shop I have ever been..the shop is so stylish. People in HK are really lucky to have so many shops...but I heard that some of them sells fakes!!! Check the post above.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pics from Shanghai

Here are some pics took at Shanghai...This city is very exciting...Contrast between the new China and the historical Mao one. On the first night, we went out with my man Dean (My buddy from Cambridge) to a really nice club on a top of a hotel called Bar Rouge with a wonderful view on the bay and on the Jinmao tower...The one who looks like a spaceship ready to take off. Tomorrow, we will go on the top for the global view of Shanghai (pronounced Sian-Hai in Chinese)...Anyway, enjoy the pics and I will post some more of Xian and Beijing (next destination).

Few pics from Hong Kong