Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nike Air Stab Foot Patrol...The come back!

These Nike x FootPatrol AirStabs will soon be available at SoldOut. Nice use of different materials and still a classic look in terms of colorway!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Agassi Air Tech Challenge Confirmed

Two colorways of Air Tech Challenge retros are confirmed for late Spring 07. The white/yellow/black is slated for April, while white/orange/royal is supposed to drop in June. Only major difference is the replacement of Agassi logo with a Nike tennis ball logo. This is perfect timing as Andre Agassi has just announced that he will retire after this year’s US Open. I think , I will play tennis again...
Info from SlamXhype and Hypebeast

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

David White Art Work

David White is an urban artist who has been lucky enough to exhibit worldwide and work with the best in the business. Supported by sneaker headz and art lovers, Dave’s work is reaching new audiences every day. Press have been keen to pick up on his unique style of sneaker art and Dave has been working with international galleries keen to expand their audience with his pop art sneaker portraits. He has also launchs his brand...a nice hoodie! Check his website for more pictures and more informations.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Lupe Fiasco feat Jill Scott - Daydream

Twelve Bar x Yonehara - Tee

The guys from Twelve Bar have done a collaboration with Japanese photographer Yasumasa Yonehara to produce this kickass tee. Love the photography. Check out the Twelve Bar blog for all the updates on their projects.
Info from SlamXHype.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Triumvir supply room!

Here are some new accessories by Triumvir3 to look out for in Spring 07... for instance you can now sleep on "them" pillows and tell your buddies a girl was over last night... more useless accessories to come your way...


Guns on buns
Rogue $tatu$

Last Night Party @ Open House (Concorde Atlantique)

Last Night with the team, we went first at Brice place for couple of drinks and then, we move to the opening of Open House party...First of the season!
"On a driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiblé ça quoi!!!"

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nike Court Force GIMME 5 @ Starcow

Available now @ Starcow (Paris)

Last Night @ Marx Dormoy

Nothing really exciting last night...I just went with Brice to have a beef noodle soup at Marx Dormoy, one of our best place for vietnamese food...Soooo good! Hey Angela, this picture is for you because I know you will enjoy it when you will taste it! Ahahaha...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nike Air You Breathe Pack

The Nike Air You Breathe Pack is a Tier 0 artist collaboration with designers Ben Drury, Kevin Lyons and Hitomi Yokoyama. This amazing “Air” collaboration is spearheaded by Nike CEO Mark Parker as a follow-up to the “Air Celebrations” this past Spring. Each designer was asked to design a t-shirt, a Windrunner jacket and a pair of Air shoes. This is the first time in an artist collaboration where the designer is asked to design a full outfit.
The full pack will be available @

Kicks Finder Relaunches & Adds RSS Feeds!

Kicks Finder, the original Visual Kicks Search Tool has been relaunched with new improvements. Kick Finder has added visual searches for over 500 pairs of kicks - 102 Nike Dunk SBs, 154 Air Force 1s, 152 Air Jordans, 30 Air Maxes, 34 Limited Edition and 25 Bathing Ape products. Leading the way, Kicks Finder has also added RSS feeds for each of their unique searches.
There have been several attempts to copy our unique visual search; accept no imitations,
Kicks Finder is the original and the best Visual Kicks Search Tool.

Crown City Rockers - Official

Dope Crown City Rockers video! As always Rashaan, Woodstock, Kat, Maxx and Headnodic spread Jazzy Hip Hop love. Check this video which represent Hip Hop with Djs, MCs, Graffiti and b-boys...and I think that I can recongnize b-boy Omar (Jive Turkeys Crew).
Thanks to Juicy Jazz Blog.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sofia on fire

I'm not a fan of this girl...Sofia Boutella but just wanted to give her a shout for what she became...I used to see her in the french breakdance scene because she was in Vagabond Crew but now, her career turn in real showbusiness...After being one of the best b-girl in France, now her face appears in advert for Narta, Nike Woman, H&M and Madonna latest videos...Keep the good work!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

False season 2

FALSE is the brainchild of creative villain Le Messie. Set in a world of false truth the brand FALSE itself is meant to bring about an essence of reality amidst all our fiction. Utilizing repetition on his subject matter, Le Messie narrates his vision of our society and the lies within the truth with his unorthodox signature cut and paste design methods on moving subjects that take heed in his message. Together with his other half Amanda Scully they take it back to the old skool where FALSE garments are all individually hand-finished and hand-screened by the FALSE duo themselves with huge amounts of time focused towards detail and quality. You can find the FALSE brand in select top boutiques worldwide.
The season 1 is already sold out. Check the look book of season 2 @ FALSE website.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Kiser NY

Here are some pieces of the upcoming Kiser NY collection. Most of you might have heard already about them, because they produced a tee for DJ A-Track, that was then worn by Kanye West all over the place! ...The sunglass tee! See the pics below
They have a good balance in their collection between all-over prints, more simple designs, more street looking designs and more dressed up designs. Overall a great collection and definitely something to look out for!

Kiser NY
Info from Highsnobiety

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bape Empire around the world

Here are some pics of the Bape empire : Sneakers & Clothing shops, Cafe, Gallery, Beauty salon...After completing his education and working for several years in design offices, Masamichi Katayama went independent as an interior designer in 1990. He formed H. Design Associates with Tsutomu Kurokawa in 1992, and launched his own office, Wonder Wall, eight years later in 2000. His design projects have since spread beyond shop interiors to various other products, including furniture and lighting. He became the official architects of all Nigo Projects.
Much more nice pics on
Wonder Wall website.

Boutique / Hong Kong, China / April, 2006

BBC / The Ice Cream Store
Boutique / Harajuku, Tokyo / November, 2005

Boutique / Aoyama, Tokyo / July, 2005

Cafe / Harajuku, Tokyo / August, 2005

Boutique / NewYork, U.S.A / 2004

Boutique / London, UK / 2002

Character Goods Shop / Harajuku, Tokyo / 2002

Cafe / Aoyama, Tokyo / 2002

Gallery / Aoyama, Tokyo / 2002

Beauty Salon / Harajuku, Tokyo / 2002

Boutique / Hiroshima / 2001

Boutique / Harajuku, Tokyo / 2001