Tuesday, October 28, 2008

STRANGEco x Amos Toys King Ken Mini Series

Following a bit of a hiatus on the toy-front from Amos Toys, the British toy company is set for a return with a King Ken Mini Series done in conjunction with US-based STRANGEco. Based on Amos Toys’ popular King Ken figure, this scaled down figure features a blind box assortment release separated into five colors: gray (1 in 4 chance), orange (1 in 4 chance), purple (1 in 6 chance), blue (1 in 6 chance), green (1 in 8 chance) and the “Chase” figure (1 in 24 chance). The shirts will release starting next month. For more information check STRANGEco.com.

Vans Authentic Suede Pack

Vans presents the new Authentic Suede Pack. The pack consists of three Authentics, each coming with a suede upper in grey, dark red and in beige. The pack is classic and very solid and now available at Dave’s Quality Meat.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Head Porter Autumn/Winter 2008 Luggage Collection

Here is the second part of the Head Porter Autumn/Winter 2008 collection. In this section, you will find luggage collections of the Japanese brand.
This season Head Porter offers once again a wide variety of luggage. From shiny premium leathers, croc skin, to plaid, fur and basic nylon bags, you can find anything in the line. Each series consists of messenger bags, tote bags, as well as lots of small pouches to put away anything from your pencil to your digital camera. Via Honeyee.

OriginalFake - KAWS 4 Foot Companion Black Preview

The OriginalFake KAWS 4 foot Companion that was released in Gray earlier this year had the KAWS’ fans going crazy and now it seems that KAWS will release another 4 foot Companion only this time in Black. While the Black 4 foot Companion has been rumored for a long time it’s nice to finally see it come to life. There is no word on when this will be released but stay tuned for more updates.

Last Night Late In The Night...

Last Night @ Mighty Mike 30 Birthday Party

Happy birthday Bro...

Moi aussi "je tai'me" Emma...

Indonesian Food

Last week, I was in Antwerp and we went to this delicious Indonesian restaurant...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gimme The Light...

This is wicked...seen on VeroByVero blog.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Last Night @ Wilee Opening at Adidas Store and Brice Birthday Party at Soleil De La Butte

Last night was Wilee opening at Adidas store Champs Elysees...Wilee is a photographer...He used to work a lot for Hiphop magazine so he mets most of the Hiphop big names. He was showing some of his work...Methodman, Big Pun, Eminem, Redman, 113, Aaliyah, Arsenik, Dr Dre, etc...

Then we went at Soleil de la Butte to celebrate Wilee (40) and Brice (30) birthday party..."Go Shirtley, it's your birthday..."

Gstar - Press Evening

Last tuesday was the Summer 2009 collection presentation to the French press...All the big magazines turned up at our invitation...Great night with lots of champagne!

More NYC...

Here are the last pictures with this trip...Enjoy NYC if you go there soon! And don't forget..."New York is the place where aNYthing can happen..."